Welcome to the Poetic Conjuring shop where you will find a collection of books and products created for the close-up magician.


Personal magic for…
By Anthony J. Harle

Poetic Conjuring – £10.99

The self titled book Poetic Conjuring is the first book in the line. It contains a collection of close-up magical effects which will give your audience a really personal experience and something they will remember for years to come. Some of the routines included are:

Thought of Card – A very fair mind reading effect.

Coincidence – A card is selected by one spectator, the remaining cards are shuffled by another and after some story telling, both the selection and top card of the now shuffled deck match.

Gypsy Thread – A new hands off approach to the great and classic effect including a lit match production.

Destiny of the Ring – An envelope is placed on the table. A ring is then borrowed and disappeared. It is then found to be sealed inside the envelope on the table. This envelope can be opened by the spectator who’s ring it contains.

Also included is a brief look into mnemonics and how they can be used in magic as well as some instructions on making impossible cards. Impossible cards are cards cut and folded in a manner which seems impossible.

To purchase click on the link above.

A System for Invis…
By Anthony J. Harle
Fingerprints – £6.99
What if you were able to hand out genuinely unmarked, blank cards to your spectators, have them write down information and mix them all back together but even under the fairest of circumstances you are still able to match the correct card to the correct spectator? Well look no further as this booklet as it will explain a method for exactly this. Also included are two routines which utilize this system. A great system for anyone who uses business cards or small billets of similar size.
To purchase click on the link above.

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